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Speaking Engagements

SpeakerProfile M atthew E. May has a deep passion for ideas--the lifeblood of innovation and the main event of the imagination. But not just any ideas. Only ideas that solve a difficult problem in an elegant way. Matt defines an elegant solution as one that is both uncommonly simple and surprisingly powerful, and that achieves the maximum effect with minimum means.

Matt shares his passion for elegant solutions when addressing audiences who want to create meaningful change, which makes him a popular keynote speaker, seminar leader, and workshop facilitator. He regularly speaks to conferences, companies, governments, associations and universities all over the world on achieving elegance and simplicity at the crossroads of business, innovation, and design.

Matt aims to achieve four things in every address:

  1. inspire new thinking
  2. share a unique perspective
  3. tell compelling stories
  4. deliver practical takeaways

He blends his frontline experience as a creative catalyst and innovation strategist with case studies and stories in his books in order to deliver useful concepts with immediate application.

Matt does not fancy himself a "motivational speaker" or "business guru," but rather a practitioner of business strategy and innovation with powerful lessons learned and war stories to tell from years in the trenches with companies ranging from small startups to companies as large and multinational as Toyota.

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A s a rule, Matt tailors keynote messages and interactive sessions to resonate with your audience, underscore event themes, and reinforce the objectives of your event. The following topic areas and titles represent a sampling of past  and most popular talks.


Key questions addressed:
How might we achieve the maximum effect with minimum means?
How might we create the most engaging experience?

Sample titles:
The Laws of Subtraction
Designing Elegant Solutions
The Art of Simplicity
The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
Crash Course in Design Thinking
The Zen of Design
The Art & Discipline of Empathy


Key questions addressed:
How might we realize greater flow of creative ideas?
How might we best turn creativity into creation?

Sample titles:
Habits of the Highly Creative
Artistry at Work
Innovating in the Age of Excess
From Creativity to Creation
4 Temptations of the Innovator
Engineering Market Disruption
Generating Disruptive Business Models
Why Johnny Can't Innovate
7 Deadly Sins of Solutions
Managing Creative People
Mind of the Innovator
Personal Leadership
The Quiet Mind


Key questions addressed:
How might we cultivate innovation at every level?
How might we make our moving parts work better?

Sample titles:
Leading Innovation
Fostering the Creative Culture
The Zen of Business Culture
Understanding the Toyota Way
Toyota's Formula for Innovation
Operational Excellence the Toyota Way
Lean Thinking the Toyota Way
Tools for Lean Transformation
Lean Thinking for Knowledge Work
Decoding the Toyota Production System
Mastering Kaizen, Continuous Improvement
The Shibumi Strategy, Creating Meaningful Change

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A full arsenal of videos may be found on Matt's YouTube and Vimeo channels. Here, though, are a few favorites.






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This is Matt's full-length keynote address given in Las Vegas at the annual Forrester Research Forum for CIOs.

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A sampling of noteworthy keynote addresses: 


TEDx Bay Area

California College of the Arts

Intuit Innovation Network

Commission Junction/ValueClick

Intuit Strategic Partner Summit

McGraw-Hill Nat'l Sales Meeting

Hy-Tech Drilling Canada

American Assn. of Medical Society Executives

Computer Associates (CA World)

Forrester Research (IT Forum)


TED Salon London

World at Work

Red 7 Media (Event Marketer Summit)

Catholic Healthcare Parters

BringDialog Norway

Stena Group Sweden

Harman International

Fletcher Allen Healthcare





Sears Holdings

Fidelity Investment

Reed Elsevier

3M Corporation


Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Razorfish/Avenue A

Kaiser Permanente

Manheim Auctions


Lockheed Martin

The Conference Board

Hospitality Design Magazine

Pacific Coast Builders Conference

Orion Health

Massachusetts Hospital Assn.

National Reconnaissance Office

Department of Defense

National Restaurant Association

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