90 Days Lean

Talk about subtraction! Today marks my 90th day under the watchful eye of nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia, author of Turn Up The Heat. 90 days ago I walked into his office weighing 183.5 lbs, with a 19.9% bodyfat percentage.

Today I’m 162.5 lbs, with a 9.0% bodyfat percentage. I’m stronger, faster, more energenic, and certainly leaner. I’m carrying 14.7 lbs of fat, compared to the 36.6 lbs of fat I was carrying 90 days ago. I’ve added a pound of muscle at age 52 without the use of anything other than food

How’d I subtract all that fat and add a pound of lean muscle mass?

Not by X90 or any other whacky program or diet.

By eating almost twice the amount I was before (I was starving myself, thinking it was about fewer calories), but eating the right things for my particular body metabolic type on a structured program designed to work with the way my body naturally likes to burn fat and fuel. By hydrating at a level the body needs (roughly 1 oz per pound of weight per day…or over 4 liters in my case). By getting on a bike a few times a week, and doing some basic strength stuff–actually just three things: pushups, planks, and pullups. The 3 Ps.

And, for the lean thinkers out here, by using a truly lean method of eating: no batch and queue, but rather small load/high frequency eating: 7 smaller meals a day, each one designed to get me to the next in a just-in-time, just-enough way.

I’m never hungry, never thirsty, and never get cravings. On the tennis court, you have to have a deft touch to hit a drop shot I can’t get to. On the bike, mountain or road, you better be a Category 3 rider (and I don’t care how old you are) or better to think you’ll drop me on a climb. The power-to-weight ratio has shifted dramatically in my favor.

But there’s a dark side: having to buy all new clothes. I was wearing 33 inch waist jeans…now 31 inch jeans are baggy!

It all begins with a simple lipid profile test and body composition scan. Know exactly what your body wants, needs, and requires. Then deliver it in the right quantity, at the right time, with the right quality.

Sounds lean to me!