Under New Management, Q&A with David Burkus

Shout out to my friend David Burkus who has just published his second book, Under New Management: How Leading Companies Are Upending Business as Usual. After reading the advance copy, I had the chance to pass a few questions by David. You can find our interview in two places: LinkedIn/Pulse Medium Great book, fun read, and […]

Saying Less, Asking More, and The Coaching Habit

Over at LinkedIn and Medium, I’ve posted my chat with Michael Bungay Stanier, author of the new book, The Coaching Habit. Take a look! Click here for the Medium version. Click here for the LinkedIn version.

Visual One-Pagers

Back in October I introduced you to the subtractive art of Todd Clarke, who creates visual one-pagers for books. Realizing there may be an attractive market for his unique art, he’s decided to kick things up a notch or two. He recently launched VisualOnePagers.com, and unsolicited by me, produced a couple of one-pagers for two […]

Is Your Business Fit?

For me, fitness is everything. Having been woken up a few years ago to the fact that I might not be as fit as I thought I was, it figures centrally in life. It requires more than simply eating right and exercising…two things that many people struggle with. It demands a mental discipline that few people are equipped […]

The Subtractive Art Of Todd Clarke

Every once in a while you get an unexpected gift from out of nowhere. I was the lucky recipient of such a gift: a beautiful 1-page visual summary of The Laws of Subtraction by Todd Clarke. It speaks for itself. I like it for several reasons, not the least of which is Todd’s mad ability. […]