Visual One-Pagers

Back in October I introduced you to the subtractive art of Todd Clarke, who creates visual one-pagers for books. Realizing there may be an attractive market for his unique art, he’s decided to kick things up a notch or two. He recently launched, and unsolicited by me, produced a couple of one-pagers for two […]

The Subtractive Art Of Todd Clarke

Every once in a while you get an unexpected gift from out of nowhere. I was the lucky recipient of such a gift: a beautiful 1-page visual summary of The Laws of Subtraction by Todd Clarke. It speaks for itself. I like it for several reasons, not the least of which is Todd’s mad ability. […]

The Art of Aim: Further Thoughts on Purpose

It is not enough to be the best at something; we must be the best for something. Each of us has something very special to share with others, and the choice to do so – the choice of contribution – is the very heartbeat of a purposeful life…a passionate dance between ability and nobility that […]

The Presence of Purpose

Scene: Corporate retreat for senior leaders of a Fortune 100 company. Theme: Creativity. Agenda item: purpose. I have placed a solitary Zen stone in the center of each table. They eye the rocks suspiciously. “Speak your mind, one and all,” I urge. “Why is there a rock here?” pipes up one person. “What’s it for?” […]

Meet The Thoughtstarters (An Artistry@Work Installment)

We’ve met the Playmakers, Taskmasters, and Peacekeepers. Let’s now meet the fourth and final of the four intellects: Thoughtstarters. Thoughtstarters have the strategic talents of thinking and conceiving that keep us all more inquisitive and progressive. Visionary and analytical, they’re all about theory, big ideas and direction. They seem to be driven by a natural […]

Meet the Peacekeepers (An Artistry@Work Installment)

We’ve met the Playmakers and Taskmasters. Let’s meet the third of the four intellects: Peacekeepers. Peacekeepers have the diplomatic talents of connecting and relating that keep us all more righteous and unified. Empathetic and spirited, they’re all about cooperation, ethics and humanity. They seem to be driven by a natural need for sincerity and truth, […]