Meet The Taskmasters (An Artistry@Work Installment)

In my last Artistry at Work post, I talked about the Playmakers. Let’s now look at the Taskmasters. Taskmasters have the practical talents of providing and protecting that keep us all more focused and productive. Structured and disciplined, they’re all about order, details, propriety and logistics. They seem to be driven by a natural need […]

Meet The Playmakers (An Artistry@Work Installment)

Note to my readers: After this Artistry at Work installment, I’ll be spinning the series off to its own site, complete with its own social platform. When things take on a life of their own, you need to give them the room to breathe! I’ll post all links when everything is up and running. In […]

A Grand Unified Theory of Talent (An Artistry@Work Installment)

I’m feeling ambitious this week, so I thought I’d see if I could synthesize 2500 years of social and behavioral science and conceive a grand unified theory of talent in about 1500 words. I’m of the mind that if we know better, and tap into, our more natural inclinations, we improve our ability to use […]

The Trouble With Talent (an Artistry@Work installment)

Talent does not declare itself in an instant.—Chardin My 11-year old daughter recently decided to discontinue her pursuit of competitive gymnastics. After six years, spending 25 hours a week in the gym, and competing at a level 7 (out of 10, 10 being NCAA Division 1 level), she came to the conclusion that while she […]

The Innovator’s Temptations

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How can we unleash innovation all across our company?” Through the course of working with dozens of different organizations and teams, I’ve noticed four common traps that are all too easy to fall into, and nearly always get in the way of building a culture […]

What Is Talent? (An Artistry@Work Installment)

If it’s true, as we often hear, that the artist is not a special kind of person, but rather that every person is a special kind of artist, then the journey to creative excellence must begin with finding the key to unlocking that special artistry. We may never understand it fully – and I don’t […]