The Work-as-Art Assessment

A few posts ago I talked about the need to balance the basic characteristics of good design if we want to embrace our work as art. The five key art elements, and their corresponding qualities were: FORM (depth, dimension) COLOR (vitality, passion) COMPOSITION (balance, proportion) PERSPECTIVE (focus, direction) FRAME (alignment, boundary) Sounds good, but how […]

Spotlight On Artistry At Work

Writing about artistry at work without real world examples runs the risk of becoming too conceptual and abstract. And it’s a far too easy target to look at those in fields we traditionally think of as artistic: painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, designers, the performing arts, and athletics. The vast majority of this blog’s audience, though, […]

Obstacles to Artistry

The artist Edgar Degas once wrote: “I felt so insufficiently equipped, so unprepared, so weak, and at the same time it seemed to me that my reflections on art were correct. I quarreled with all the world and with myself.” In a single sentence he summed up the roadblocks on the path to self-discovery…the very […]

Clint Eastwood, Artistry, and Law #3

A few weeks ago, MGM ran the “man with no name” Western trilogy in hi-def. You know the ones: Clint Eastwood as the drifter gunman in black jeans and green pancho, a man of few words but never without a cigar. Starting with “A Fistful of Dollars” in 1964, followed by “For a Few Dollars […]

Guiding Light for the Artist’s Journey

The journey to creative excellence is not unlike any other journey in structure: there must be an origin, a destination, and some pathway between the two. The artist’s destination, though, is not a clearly fixed endpoint, but rather a continuous extension of creative aims. In my last Artistry at Work post, I listed five characteristics […]

The Art Elements of Work

We’ve all heard the cliches: “If you’re going to do something, do it right,” and “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Change one word — “right” to “artfully” — and the view of work as art is not the far reach it may appear to be. But allow me to state my […]