The Most Important Choice

No sooner did I post “The Art of Work” than Gallup came out with a study underscoring my statement that many if not most people feel some sort of void in their work. Take a look: Case closed, or open to interpretation? Hope on the Horizon Every day, I work with the 30% that are highly […]

The Art Of Work

Further thoughts on artistry at work… Each of us, in our own way, is an artist. Stirring within each of us is an innate desire to employ our natural creative spirit through what we do every day to put food on the table. Artistry is not reserved for the “arts,” nor is it the exclusive […]

Can Work Be Art?

Last year, while writing The Laws of Subtraction, I posted a series of blogs under the banner of Artistry at Work. If you’ve read the book, you know that over 50 highly creative individuals contributed to it. As I received their thoughts and essays, I began thinking along a separate track, not entirely off-topic from […]