Is Your Business Fit?

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For me, fitness is everything. Having been woken up a few years ago to the fact that I might not be as fit as I thought I was, it figures centrally in life. It requires more than simply eating right and exercising…two things that many people struggle with. It demands a mental discipline that few people are equipped to handle alone. Fortunately, I had a nutritionist and cardiologist to assist me. (more…)

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The Art of the Start 2.0: Interview With Guy Kawasaki

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Coming from an author, you may find this strange: I have very few hardcover books adorning my office library any more. I’ve become an e-reader. The only books I keep are signed editions…they are meaningful gifts, and I’d never dream of donating them to my local library the way I have with all the others.

I have more signed Guy Kawasaki editions than I have from any other author, a testament to how prolific he is. But of all the bestsellers he’s penned, his 2004 The Art of the Start is my all-time favorite. It’s dog-eared, highlighted, and Post-It Noted all over the place. I read the original edition two years before I was fortunate to cross paths with the man. I read it as I was preparing and positioning myself to leave the long-term partnership with Toyota I was in at the time.


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The Art of Social Media: Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki needs no introduction. He’s the original Apple evangelist, turned ultimate evangelist. From the art of startup to artisanal self-publishing, Guy takes his current endeavor to a level of artistry.

Ten years ago, anything resembling what we now know as social media was a blip on the typical web surfer’s radar screen. Now everyone is a social media user. But not a “power user.”


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Leadership Vertigo: A Chat With Tanveer Naseer

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Whenever I travel to speaking engagements or strategy/innovation sessions, I try to connect with people with whom I’ve had some sort of idea exchange. Last week I traveled to Montreal to keynote at a large quality conference, and my schedule permitted me the time to meet up with Tanveer Naseer, coauthor of a unique leadership book, called Leadership Vertigo: Why Even the Best Leaders Go Off Course and How They Can Get Back On Track. (more…)

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HOOKED: Nir Eyal on Habit-Forming Products

If you look at a photo of a crowded New York City sidewalk at rush hour today, and compare it to one from, say, eight years ago, you’ll notice a big difference. While some of the people in the first photo may be looking down, in the photo taken today, everyone would be looking down at their hand, which holds the device that has effectively become an appendage: the smartphone, stuffed to the brim with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. (more…)

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