The Trust Diet, Featuring…Tryptophan

If you find yourself short on trust, there just may be something missing in your diet. In what may be one of the more curious studies conducted, researchers have discovered that people’s trust in others increases after eating food that contains the amino acid tryptophan, found in fish, soya, eggs, spinach, and of course, the […]

Congratulations Thinkers50 Winners!

The new Thinkers50 list was announced this week, along with the category award winners. Here’s the breakdown: STRATEGY Rita Gunther McGrath, an associate professor of management at Columbia Business School, received the Thinkers50 Strategy Award. The Strategy Award honors the thinker recognized for the ability to see the world in a new light and figure […]

Game On: The $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE!

Remember the Star Trek tricorder device, the 23rd-century handheld scanner that instantly detected a Starfleet member’s medical condition? I could have used one last year, when I found myself on a tennis court unable to catch my breath, I got lucky: the head of cardiology at the nearest hospital happened to be on the premises. […]

Law Firm Waives Legal Fees for 725 Entrepreneurs

Jeff Unger wants to waive $725,000 worth of legal fees to help 725 first-time entrepreneurs incorporate their business. Why? Because he’s done it before, he did it well, and it changed the world. Jeff, a Los Angeles-based attorney and founder of eMinutes, a corporate law firm, just spent most of the last 12 months helping 500 […]

Subtraction in the Media

Over the weekend (on Superbowl Sunday!) MSNBC ran a short interview with me about The Laws of Subtraction on Your Business with host J.J. Ramberg. All in all, it was a great month for media publicity. Here’s the rundown of all articles, TV, and podcast appearances…enjoy (if you haven’t already)…just click on the titles or images. MSNBC […]

The Art of Adding By Taking Away (New York Times!)

This past weekend was a high point in my career, having an essay published in the Sunday Business section, in the feature column Preoccupations. My essay is entitled “The Art of Adding By Taking Away.” (Click to enjoy!)