Adobe: A Case Study In Cloud/Mobile Strategy

Before I go any further, allow me to say that I’ve been a fan of Adobe products since, like, day 1. I still have Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, and Illustrator on my MacBook Air. I write for from time to time (part of Behance, the creative community started by my friend Scott Belsky, now […]

An Exercise in Observation: Practicing Your Genchi Genbutsu

One of my all-time favorite thoughts is by UK-based urban designer Ben Hamilton-Baillie, a master of designing shared space intersections: “If we observed first, designed second, we wouldn’t need most of the things we build.” The Japanese phrase for what Ben is talking about is genchi genbutsu, which roughly translated means “go look and see.” […]

Is Apple Duplicitous?

This little mini rant has been brewing for a while. What tipped it was watching the movie Jobs, which wasn’t very good, and took too many liberties. One in particular is a scene in which Steve Jobs, played by Ashton Kutcher, supposedly and suddenly discovers that Microsoft has a graphical interface. Jobs calls Bill Gates, […]

Game On: The $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE!

Remember the Star Trek tricorder device, the 23rd-century handheld scanner that instantly detected a Starfleet member’s medical condition? I could have used one last year, when I found myself on a tennis court unable to catch my breath, I got lucky: the head of cardiology at the nearest hospital happened to be on the premises. […]

When It Pays To Listen To Users…And When It Doesn’t

Co-creation–companies and customers creating experiences, new products and services together–is a way of life with among the most innovative companies, and few would argue that co-creation is beneficial. And there’s plenty of research showing that under the right circumstances and conditions customers and users can develop innovations which are both novel and have greater value […]

Elegant Solutions No. 4

IDONETHIS Not until I began working with Toyota many years ago did I pick up the habit of carrying a notebook…for ideas, projections, record keeping, scheduling, reflections, and, well, notetaking. The Japanese manager I was working with never went anywhere without one, and he was constantly writing in it. It was an analog hard drive: […]