Put Your Lemons on the List (aka “Got Standards?”)

I was on my way to the market, shopping list in hand. “Honey, can you grab some lemons?” my wife called out as the door hit me on the bum. “Yep!” I shouted through the closed door. I hopped in my car, got to the store, whipped out my list, got everything on it, and […]

Rotman on Design. (Get It. Now.)

It has been nearly a decade since Roger Martin, then-dean of The Rotman School of Management (he recently retired from the post), penned a provocative thought: We are on the cusp of a design revolution in business. Competing is no longer about creating dominance in scale-intensive industries, it’s about producing elegant, refined products and services […]

Elegant Solutions No. 2

Installment number two of Elegant Solutions. (Bet you couldn’t figure that out from the title.) ROUTEHAPPY.com I’ve written before about traditional “specs.” How they’re old school. How they rarely help define and describe what we judge our satisfaction by: the experience. Now comes RouteHappy.com, which is an intuitive, user-friendly travel site with a simple goal: […]

Elegant Solutions No. 1

If you’ve followed the evolution of my thinking through the series of books I’ve written, you know that elegance–defined as the ability to achieve the maximum effect with minimum means, and characterized by the presence of both uncommon simplicity and surprising impact–is my root cause. Elegant solutions are identifiable when some degree of four qualities […]

The Business of Design

In his seminal 2004 article The Design of Business, Roger Martin helped usher in a new management zeitgeist focused on infusing business professionals with the sensibilities and tools of a designer. “Businesspeople don’t just need to understand designers,” he wrote. “They need to be designers.” Design thinking remains quite the rage, with companies and business […]

Toyota on Design

Toyota recently completely redesigned Toyota.com and launched an iPad app. Both are terrific.* Both allow you to explore the company, its many faces, and go behind the scenes (in addition to shopping for cars). One of my favorite aspects of both the site and the app is the coverage of Toyota’s design process. On the […]