What If Prius Was A Bike?

Innovative thinking. Human power. Sustainable energy. Endless possibility. Bicycles. These are a few of my favorite things. I have that in common with the folks at Toyota’s Prius Projects. There’s no question that Prius is an innovation that changed the world. A short digression by way of backstory that some may not be aware of. […]

The Beauty Of A Simple Line

In a forgotten corner of a shelf in a seldom-used media cabinet sit two 40-year old Japanese single reflex cameras (SLRs). One is a Pentax Spotmatic that I inherited from my father, circa 1974 (ish). The other is a Nikon Nikkormat my wife inherited from her father, circa early 80s. They’re heavy as lead, built […]

Keep It Standard, Stupid

One of the things I detest most as a consumer is inconsistency. Allow me to rant. Last year I purchased a piece of electronic equipment for my cycling habit, produced by Garmin, called the Edge 500 (pictured here). It’s a nifty little gizmo that mount on my bike’s steerer tube and uses GPS to track […]

Open Invitation to Hack!

A couple of years ago I published a little book, a fable, called¬†The Shibumi Strategy, about a down-sized sales manager, Andy Harmon, forced to take a job in a car dealership in order to avoid disrupting his family. Andy was able to create a breakthrough in how people bought cars in his little part of […]