Visual One-Pagers

Back in October I introduced you to the subtractive art of Todd Clarke, who creates visual one-pagers for books. Realizing there may be an attractive market for his unique art, he’s decided to kick things up a notch or two. He recently launched, and unsolicited by me, produced a couple of one-pagers for two […]

The Beauty Of A Simple Line

In a forgotten corner of a shelf in a seldom-used media cabinet sit two 40-year old Japanese single reflex cameras (SLRs). One is a Pentax Spotmatic that I inherited from my father, circa 1974 (ish). The other is a Nikon Nikkormat my wife inherited from her father, circa early 80s. They’re heavy as lead, built […]

Simple: A New Way to Bank

Think a small startup can’t disrupt a deep-seated, regulation-protected, mammoth industry? Think again. The New York Times recently featured a small financial startup called Simple, which bills itself as “A Worry-Free Alternative to Traditional Banking.” (I’d love to know how much they paid to secure!) Who hasn’t cursed their bank multiple times? Who hasn’t […]

Focus, Subtraction, and the Story of Brian Lam

I love stories like this one, mostly because of my bias toward the disciplined pursuit of less as the pathway to something better. It’s the story of Brian Lam, told by David Carr, who writes the Media Equation column for the Monday Business section of the New York Times, which is where I read it. The arc […]