Compression, Immediacy, and the Death of the Iron Triangle

It’s been well over a decade since Dan Pink predicted that the macro trend of automation would change the nature of just about everything in his bestselling book A Whole New Mind. The context of his message revolved around work, with the central idea being to take a look at what you do, determine whether […]

How To Cross The Tech Chasm

If your business is in any way related to technology, you most likely know the name Geoffrey Moore. His classic marketing book, Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Products to Mainstream Customers, has sold more than 1 million copies since it was first published nearly 25 years ago. Moore’s book has long been the bible for entrepreneurs […]

A Most Inelegant Solution (Buyer Beware!)

I define inelegance as anything that has one or more of these qualities: excessive confusing wasteful unnatural hazardous hard to use ugly Rarely do I come across a commercially successful solution offered by a major brand that is clearly hazardous. And one by a household name that trumpets its empathic design process? Never. Until now. […]

Seriously? Speak English!

While I’m no tech wizard, I know my way around a good bit of software and hardware…computer, networking, coding, etc. For example, I know enough html and css to have taken a basic WordPress template and customized it to become this site. Home networking is usually a snap. Until a service provider decides to mess […]

Hope To See You At SXSW 2013!

I’m looking forward to my first visit to SXSW. My schedule’s never permitted me to attend, and this is my first opportunity to speak. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t permit me more than one day: Saturday, March 9. I’ll be speaking for 20 minutes at 11:30 AM in Ballroom G of the Austin Convention Center, followed […]

What If Prius Was A Bike?

Innovative thinking. Human power. Sustainable energy. Endless possibility. Bicycles. These are a few of my favorite things. I have that in common with the folks at Toyota’s Prius Projects. There’s no question that Prius is an innovation that changed the world. A short digression by way of backstory that some may not be aware of. […]