Under New Management, Q&A with David Burkus

Shout out to my friend David Burkus who has just published his second book, Under New Management: How Leading Companies Are Upending Business as Usual. After reading the advance copy, I had the chance to pass a few questions by David. You can find our interview in two places: LinkedIn/Pulse Medium Great book, fun read, and […]

What Appears To Be Strategy…Isn’t

I regularly engage in hansei (reflection) after each of my facilitation engagements. It’s a simple learning mechanism, essentially an after-action process of asking: what I expected to happen (my hypothesis if you will), what actually happened, and what explains the gap, if there is one. And there invariably is. The gap is where learning and […]


This is the fourth in a series of five posts devoted to a DIY guide on running a strategy sprint. You now have a few strategic possibilities to explore. Each deserves it’s own 5-question cascade. But you will only cover the first three of those questions today, for two reasons. First, these questions require thoughtful […]

Bruce Rosenstein On Decoding Drucker & Creating Your Future

My friend and colleague (and Laws of Subtraction contributor) Bruce Rosenstein is a prolific writer and editor. He’s Managing Editor of Leader to Leader, author of the wonderful Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life and wrote for USA TODAY for over two decades, from 1987-2008. Bruce knows […]