For this lucky number seven in the Elegant Solutions series, I’m going to change it up a bit. I’m going to ask YOU whether you think any or all of the following five innovative solutions, finalists in the inaugural Philips Innovation Fellows competition , can be classified as elegant. (Remember, the definition of elegant: maximum effect, minimum means.)

After months of raising support for their ideas on the crowd funding site Indiegogo, these are the five that have made it to the final round, and currently being presented internally to Philips employees throughout North America to determine who the grand-prize winner will be. Four of our finalists will get $10,000 to fund their projects and the overall winner will get $60,000 and be mentored by Philips executives to help bring their innovation to life.


Maji is a standard saline solution IV bag that uses intelligent technology called Forward Osmosis to create sterile saline solution for use on patients in non-sanitary conditions.


[themecolor]BREATHE ACOUSTICS[/themecolor]

Breathe Acoustics is new technology that uses acoustic sensors to analyze the quality of a person’s breathing to help reduce stress, optimize athletic performance, lose weight and improve sleep.

[vimeo 73716183]



Filterwatch monitors the airflow going into your HVAC filter.  The product recently received an honorable mention in NASA Tech Briefs’ Future Design Contest.

[vimeo 72778553]


[themecolor]GAME FACE GEAR[/themecolor]

Game Face Gear is a collection of unique sun shade head gear that helps prevent melanoma and gives kids a playful reason to protect their skin.

[vimeo 77176762]


[themecolor]ZG-1 LED[/themecolor]

ZG-1 LED is the first reusable, customizable, waterproof, energy efficient bulb – that also integrates with custom glass and metal form factors in inspiring new ways.


What do you think? Any or all elegant?