I run a small business. And like most small businesses, finding the time to deal with marketing is an issue.

Glyder, a San Francisco-based startup, has just introduced its iPhone application for small business marketing. For the first time ever, small businesses can create and share effective marketing messages via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Text Message, MailChimp and Passbook, all from one easy to use iPhone app.

I was introduced to co-founder Glenn Allen by friend and fellow author, Soren Kaplan (Leapfrogging). Glenn co-founded OpenTable, and his Glyder partner is former Zynga mobile designer Alan Wells. I downloaded Glyder to my iPhone, and chatted with Glenn about his intentions.

“Very small businesses still struggle with the complexity of online marketing,” Glenn says, quite correctly.”They have to reach their customers on multiple platforms and are underserved by existing web-based tools. They don’t have the time required to figure out all the platforms or the money to hire an employee or consultant. Bottom line, it’s difficult and expensive. I want to make it easy and cheap.”

I’m in.

Glyder simplifies marketing messages in three ways:

1. Effective content, ready to go with just a few edits

2. Professional visual design, to make your messages look great and get response

3. Easy one touch distribution to multiple platforms like email and social media

Glenn just updated the app with some great holiday templates (see image).

For more information, check out the Glyder website, or download the app for free.