I’m looking forward to my first visit to SXSW. My schedule’s never permitted me to attend, and this is my first opportunity to speak. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t permit me more than one day: Saturday, March 9. I’ll be speaking for 20 minutes at 11:30 AM in Ballroom G of the Austin Convention Center, followed by a book signing at 12 PM at the AT&T Conference Center.

The Washington Post has asked me to write a blog article on applying the laws of subtraction to this most overwhelming event. There are hundreds of panels and events, and they all seem compelling. What do you do? Or rather, how do you figure out what to not do?

On the one day I’ll be there, there are three times more events than I can possibly attend. The good news, actually, is that having but one day actually helps, by providing a well-defined timebox that provides a great constraint forcing focus.

If you happen to be going to SXSW, swing on by Ballroom G. As for the rest of my overly-ambitious-still-in-need-of-subtraction, you can link to it HERE. Perhaps the highlight of my schedule will be Steve Blank’s Startup Lessons, and Tesla’s Elan Musk’s keynote address at 2 PM.

Seeya Saturday!