The Art of the Start 2.0: Interview With Guy Kawasaki

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Coming from an author, you may find this strange: I have very few hardcover books adorning my office library any more. I’ve become an e-reader. The only books I keep are signed editions…they are meaningful gifts, and I’d never dream of donating them to my local library the way I have with all the others.

I have more signed Guy Kawasaki editions than I have from any other author, a testament to how prolific he is. But of all the bestsellers he’s penned, his 2004 The Art of the Start is my all-time favorite. It’s dog-eared, highlighted, and Post-It Noted all over the place. I read the original edition two years before I was fortunate to cross paths with the man. I read it as I was preparing and positioning myself to leave the long-term partnership with Toyota I was in at the time.


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