Open Invitation To Innovation

    INNOVATION WORKSHOP You Are Invited’s free Innovation Workshop will showcase to an exclusive, hand-picked audience some of the most interesting ways that a company can innovate today. Renowned experts and authors are being brought in to present on critical concepts and productive processes. Jeanne Bliss will share her insights on how to garner […]

Diary Of A Hackathon: Prelude To Hackomotive

Hackomotive, the first ever automotive-focused hackathon, hosted by, kicks off tonight at The Annenberg Community Beach House, on the sand at sunset. It’s shaping up to be an exciting two days of creativity by well over 150 participants each to deconstruct and recreate the automotive shopping experience. I’m jazzed to be the emcee. Hackathons, […]

Open Invitation to Hack!

A couple of years ago I published a little book, a fable, called The Shibumi Strategy, about a down-sized sales manager, Andy Harmon, forced to take a job in a car dealership in order to avoid disrupting his family. Andy was able to create a breakthrough in how people bought cars in his little part of […]

The “Loose Reins” Approach to Management

As my friend Bob Sutton is fond of saying, “sometimes the best management is no management.” Over at Harvard Business Review, they’ve posted The “Loose Reins” Approach to Management, the second of my three-part series building on The “Less-is-Best” Approach to Innovation. You can read the full post HERE.