The Art of the Start 2.0: Interview With Guy Kawasaki

Coming from an author, you may find this strange: I have very few hardcover books adorning my office library any more. I’ve become an e-reader. The only books I keep are signed editions…they are meaningful gifts, and I’d never dream of donating them to my local library the way I have with all the others. […]

The Art of Social Media: Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki needs no introduction. He’s the original Apple evangelist, turned ultimate evangelist. From the art of startup to artisanal self-publishing, Guy takes his current endeavor to a level of artistry. Ten years ago, anything resembling what we now know as social media was a blip on the typical web surfer’s radar screen. Now everyone […]

Guy Kawasaki Removes The Middleman, Goes APE

In what may be a shot heard around the publishing world, Guy Kawasaki has just self-published a new book, entitled APE: How to Publish a Book. APE is the acronym for the three roles anyone wishing to self-publish a book must play: Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneur. I repeat: self-published. Between folks like Tim Ferriss rejecting traditional […]