Strategy vs. Execution: A Meaningless Distinction

Over at HBR blogs, there is a wonderful debate on the subject of strategy between Roger Martin, who authored the post Stop Distinguishing Between Strategy and Execution, and Don Sull, an MIT scholar who believes there’s a meaningful distinction between strategy and execution. Normally, I don’t bother looking at comments to blogs because in today’s […]

Keys To Creativity

Over at Harvard Business Review blogs, a couple of author acquaintances, David Burkus and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, have blogged on the topic of creativity. David Burkus, whose book The Myths of Creativity I enjoyed and interviewed him on, surprisingly ballyhooes Adobe’s “Kickbox” program. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, whose book Confidence I enjoyed and interviewed him on, surprisingly goes […]

How Conflicting Constraints Produces Breakthroughs

Over at the HBR Blogs Network, I’ve posted a piece about how pairing challenging goals and constraints in direct conflict with each other can produce innovative thinking. To read, share, comment, click¬†HERE.

7 Targets for Lean Innovation

Harvard Business Review published part one of a three part series I wrote that builds on my October HBR piece (The Less-is-Best Approach to Innovation) which identified three subtractive trends in innovation: lean features, loose reins, and quiet minds. Here’s Part 1 reprinted, which HBR retitled from “7 Targets for Lean Innovation” to “It’s Time […]